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Meeting time!!!

Posted by sadisticsaint on 2008.09.03 at 20:41
Alright, I know there's a few of you on here so spread the word if you can, we'll be meeting same place on Fridays this year.

Wiley 117, 5 o'clock sharp...ish.

Hope to see you there and looking forward to seeing new members. Bring stories, video's and anything else...except food and drink! None of that in the computer rooms.

dif saint


Posted by sadisticsaint on 2008.02.12 at 15:52
For those of you wanting to do a design for the sweatshirts and maybe weren't at the last meeting, we extended the date one more week, so they are due this coming Friday (Feb. 15). Rememeber, when making your design it will be three colors one of them being the black sweatshirt, then white and red ink. It must be a graphic design and it also must have ESCA somewhere on it.

For those interested in buying them. It will be 28 dollars and an extra 4 dollars if you want your last name or nickname silk screened across the back.

Hope to see you next week!

Chibi Yomiko

Streaming Anime

Posted by shanoaravendare on 2008.01.22 at 18:05
Hello all.

I haven't been at club for a while but I thought you guys would want to hear about this. I just discovered a new website online that has streaming video of a whole bunch of different anime series.

The site is www.deliciousanime.com

It's running a bit slow right now because it just got featured on digg.com but once the traffic slows down to normal it ought to be a pretty nice site.


weiss and nero


Posted by sadisticsaint on 2008.01.11 at 12:42
Hi guys! Hope you had a good break and holiday.

Club will be at the same time and place as it was last semester. Room 117 Arts and Science building at 5 o'clock. We'll be starting back up on the 25th of this month, which is the second week of school. We want you all to have a chance to settle down with classes first.

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments just leave a message here!

weiss and nero


Posted by sadisticsaint on 2007.12.07 at 13:55
The party is indeed still on, it's in Earp basement at 6. Apologies for this being a little late, I've been busy as I'm sure most everyone else is.

I was wondering if anyone could possibly bring cups or napkins. I'm not sure if anyone volunteered to bring those things but I know I don't have them. Sort of forgot and it'll be a bit hard to drink and eat some stuff without them.

Let me know if you're bringing anything or if you can maybe pick some of the above things up.

Thanks so much guys, hope to see you at the party.

weiss and nero

Halloween Party

Posted by sadisticsaint on 2007.10.21 at 12:55
Just a little reminder for everyone about the Halloween Party.

It will be in the basement of Earp Hall on the 26 of Oct. AKA Friday of this week. There will also be no meeting so that we can get everything together.

If you want to donate anything such as chips, candy, paper towels, cups, pop, ect. That'd be fantastic, the more the merrier. Also feel free to bring friends if you want, but it'd be appriciated not to just drag down a few friends so they can eat our food and then leave.

If you have any questions just drop a reply to this post.

anime, ed, cowboy bebop
Posted by jannamaxwell on 2007.09.02 at 12:19
Hey, everyone! Hope your classes are going well!

Since this is the first year for the Erie Anime Experience, I was thinking as many of us should go as possible to support it in its first year. I wanted to see how many people would be interested in going and also to see if we have anyone that would volunteer to drive people to the con. The con is on Saturday, September 29. Pre-reg is over, but you can still register online or do it at the door for $25. If you want more information, the website is www.erie-anime-experience.org. I know it doesn't look that spectacular, but I'm pretty sure no con does in its first year.

Just reply if you're interested, and also if you would be willing to take a few people in your car. I'll bring this up again at our first meeting for any new people and the people who don't look at the LJ.

dif saint

Welcome Back

Posted by sadisticsaint on 2007.09.01 at 13:18
Hey Everyone!

We're working on getting the flyers up but I wanted to make a note on here for all you livejournal users.

We did change where we will be having the meetings as well as the time, though the day is still the same. We'll be in:

Wiley Hall Room 117
Fridays at 5pm

This is all for the better though, since we can show movies on the bigger screen now. Keep your eyes out for flyers and if you're interested in putting some up so we can get some new members just contact Colleen and she'll be happy to give you a few. Even if you just stick them on your dorm room door.

We're hoping to be a little more involved and exciting this year, so if you're interested in doing a panel, running a game, or showing a certain movie or series. Let us know. You can always e-mail me at mekanicalmessiah@gmail.com.

Regarding the Picnic

Posted by gilhamilton on 2007.04.25 at 14:01
I checked the weather forecast for Friday and it looks like Friday will have a high chance of showers, so we might want to plan on having an indoor picnic.


Posted by scandalous_nemo on 2007.04.23 at 00:08
Current Mood: chipperchipper
this friday! picnic! after the ESCA meeting (4:45 or 5PM)!

i need your help! please bring food/drink/napkins/cups whatever you want to bring as a contribution!

so far we have:

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